Cambridge caregivers Hiring

Cambridge Caregivers is actively hiring compassionate, exceptional, career-minded Caregivers! Applications are accepted in our office Monday – Friday from 9 am to 4 pm. Upon approval by management, applicants must pass a criminal screening, drug test, TB test, and complete orientation before being placed in the field.

Available Position:

Caregivers / CNAs

$12-$20/hr depending on experience

Growth at Cambridge Caregivers has created an immediate need for caregivers. Caregivers may/may not be CNAs, but we would expect that a caregiver would pursue CNA certification, particularly since Manchester runs our own CNA training institute! Job requirements include basic resident care under the direction of our Director of Nursing. Duties include feeding, bathing, dressing, grooming, and/or moving residents. The right applicant for this job will be an engaging individual who respects their elders and who believes everyone, themselves included, deserve-and should expect–respect. We will consider applicants ranging from limited experience to significant experience.
If you investigate our company, you will find that we are very good to our employees and, as a result, our staff retention rate is very high. Put a different way, people like working here! Cambridge is locally-owned and managed, and the owners are keenly interested in the career development of our staff. Our Company is exceptionally good to our staff, offering great benefits and support. The Company pays for 80% of the employee’s health care premium, offers paid time off (PTO), and will always be available to offer a helping hand when it is necessary.

Caregiver applicants should have:

Come into the office to fill out an application in person

12770 Coit Rd, Suite 1020
Dallas Texas 75251
9:00 am – 4:00 pm M-F.

I am grateful and so proud to be a part of the company .- Mame M
It’s a great pleasure to be a part of a great company like Manchester Place & Cambridge Caregivers, with awesome 5* reviews!!!
It’s of great pride and joy to be the best caregiver I possibly can be, to all the clients I get the privilege of assisting !!!
Thank you for all your support and ALL you do for us !!! — CRISTINA M.
  Glad to be here and a part of the team — Chantaneka
  I love working for Manchester. We are all family – Gina W.
Thanks to the owners and management team too, for providing an enabling working environment, to make our job easier  – Emeka N.
What a good feeling to work for a company that takes time to acknowledge the employee’s efforts. It’s very encouraging. Thanks to you both. – Mercy O.
Thanks to you, it’s you who makes it great!? – Fungai T.
 A great company and I am honored to be part of the team – Ruth M.
Thank you as well for giving us opportunity to exercise our gifts and to make difference to our extended families ‘Manchester’ and ‘Cambridge’. Appreciated! – Anne K.
Let’s keep doing our best because it will be a win/win for the company, clients and for us. cheers – Caroline T.
Thank you so much–we appreciate (management) too! – Mariama J.
Thank you for the opportunity to work for you!!! – Fikerte A.
Happy Motivational Friday!!?? I Love this Company – Sharon F.
Thank you, I’m proud to work for you and Dean. You are always understanding and caring. Most of all I’m excited every day we can make a difference and WE ALL WORK AS A TEAM!!! – Flora C.
Proud to be associated with Cambridge and Manchester Living, the recognized establishments.
Thank you All. – Virginia K.
I am proud and blessed for being part of the Manchester/ Cambridge family – Jemmimah O.
It’s all our duty to go out there and represent the name Manchester. Thank you for the opportunity ? – Rodrick M.
Thanks for being there for us!!!!! – Nicholas N.